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This website could not have been created without my helpful team.

Looking back it is now hard to believe how many different items were needed to create this website, including finding old photographs, converting VHS & DVD's, looking at numerous scrapbooks and finding the relevant newspaper cuttings. 


With special thanks to my friend Michael J Fitch, who is not only an accomplished Magician and Presenter but a great multitasker - organising, filming, editing and producing. All very much appreciated.

was also lucky to have a great Graphic Designer  Andy Green, who is also a talented Magician and Actor. 

He certainly created some magic with the images that appear in my virtual study.  

Over the past few years I have been working with Martin T Hart, author, investigative journalist,

videographer and a fantastic editor. So far, we have created nearly 50 of my Digital Scrapbooks and planning many more. Martin is extremely patient and we enjoy working together.

I also want to thank my good friend, over many years, Marc Paul, Television Magician and Mentalist who was kind enough to introduce and provide voice over for some of my Scrapbooks.

And finally, I would like to thank my secretary Esha (Nimisha Patel) and my lovely granddaughter Lauren for patiently typing out all my many notes and deciphering my scribbled text.

But my main thanks goes to my Son Marvin for encouraging me to make this a reality and being the driving force behind this project.


What a great Team ! 


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